CH4D J1000

CH4D by J1000

CH4D is a classic chorus effect with four delay taps with fixed ratios. You control all four delays with single knob and plugin automatically calculates time and amplitude differences. Since chorus effect can create stereo problems at lowest frequencies and unpleasant phasing sound at highest frequencies, CH4D lets you reduce processed spectrum with two resonant cut filters. You don’t have to worry when working with basses or sounds with ultra-precise highs, because it will leave their critical parts intact and process only the midrange:

  • Four delay taps (two per L/R channel).
  • Low-cut and high-cut filters with adjustable resonance (12dB/octave slopes).
  • Advanced LFO that avoids unnatural repetitive modulation.
  • Phase invertion and soloing for wet signal.
  • Continuous dry/wet mix control.
  • Simple output correlation meter.
  • 32-bit internal precision with zero latency and low CPU consumption.

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