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DynoMod by Sampleson

The DynoMod was a famous hardware add-on for the Rhodes in the early 70’s. We recreated the FX to be used for free on any Rhodes VST/AU instrument, but it’s specially designed for Sampleson’s Markus 88 Electric Piano.

The effect was developed to enhance high and low harmonics and to give a wider feel to the Markus 88 Spectral Modeled Electric Piano.

Despite this, the module can be used over any Rhodes VST. As far as it’s designed to act over high harmonic spectrum you’ll notice a blowing sound (produced by recorded samples) if it’s used over a sample-based Rhodes.

Chuck Monte (in the 70’s) decided that electric pianos were cool, but they weren’t really good enough for professional use. Under the name Dyno-My-Piano, Chuck took stock Rhodes, Wurlitzer, Hohner and Yamaha pianos and customized them extensively, giving them a better sound both in the studio and on stage.

The “Dyno Rhodes” grew in popularity with recording artists in the 1970’s (Joe Zawinul, George Duke, Santana, Rick James, and Larry Dunn amongh others).

  • VST / AU Stereo Effect Plugin
  • Frequency and Gain control for low and high harmonics
  • Stereo spread incorporated
  • Win 32/64 bits and Mac VST/AU versions included
  • Lifetime Free
  • No online activation required
  • No 3rd party software/player needed
  • Compatible with major DAWs

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