Hadron Partikkel Audio

Hadron by Partikkel Audio

Morph between different Hadron states

Morphing between states with the XY control in Hadron interpolates the value for the internal parameter set in Hadron (>200 parameters), and at the same time the routing coefficients and the mapping of the four expression controllers are interpolated. This allows for very flexible and dynamic morphing of the device’s functionality.

Fine tune the effects

All presets have selected “expression controls” to allow creativity and flexibility. Use expression controllers to fine tune the effects.

Process soundfiles

Source waveforms require an analysis stage to be used with Hadron. The source sounds that are shipped with Hadron have been analysed using a command line tool here at PartikkelAudio.

Do live sampling

Use live sampling to record your own sounds into Hadron. In this case the live sampled segments are used exactly in the same manner as the pre-analyzed sound files. When you live sample, the sound is analyzed on the fly.

Use Hadron as an audio effect for live audio input

In addition to live sampling, you can use “audioInput” as source waveform. In the audioInput mode Hadron is used as a realtime effect for live audio input, like you are used to with other common audio processing effects (reverbs, distortions, flangers, delays etc.).

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