NastyDLA variety of sound

NastyDLA by Variety Of Sound


  • Classic chorus and echo effects.
  • Authentic signal path coloration.
  • Tape-delay style feedback and saturation.
  • Input stage model including signal coloration and non-linearities (switchable).
  • Classic chorus/flanger effect with amount and rate control which automatically adopts to the delay line configuration.
  • Frequency balancing filter for dead-easy overall tone adjustments in the feedback path.
  • Two different feedback color modes.
  • Feedback circuit and control which supports resonance up to self-oscillation.
  • Standard DSP 12dB high-pass filter.
  • Custom “tape style” low-pass filtering.
  • Sophisticated “tape hiss” noise simulation.
  • Negative or positive pre-delay.
  • Comprehensive tape dynamics simulation taken from the core of the award winning FerricTDS.
  • the dynamics offers a slight audio ducking effect (switchable).
  • two independent delay lines with up to 3sec delay time and sync to host.
  • delay time modulation with two different modes.
  • additional phase distortion (switchable).
  • audio level metering display.
  • dry/wet controls plus “wet only” option.
  • power / bypass switch.
  • all parameters available through host automation.

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