Cockos ReaEQ

ReaEQ by Cockos

ReaEQ is the built-in equalizer for Cockos Reaper, but you can use it freely as a VST as well.

It has a very clean sound to it, however it must be mentioned that it is not the most transparent one, as it is based on the IIR filter (Infinite Impulse Response), which will alter the phase of the signal. Using IIR comes with the benefit of being able to add as many bands as you want at a very low CPU cost and zero latency.

ReaEQ filter types

You can use Low Shelf, High Shelf, Band, Low Pass, High Pass, All Pass, Notch and Band Pass filter types with the ability to adjust bandwidths and bypass them individually.

If you need to know which key a particular frequency is in, you can see that when tabs are not hidden.

It has a high contrast spectrum display with the abiliy to show phase as well. Altough you can set the slope of the analyzer, unfortunately there are no other customization options like changing the colors or setting the speed of the analyzer slower or faster.


  • In Reaper, there is an action called: “Track: Insert/show reaEQ (track EQ)”, which you can use to make your workflow faster by assigning it to a shortcut or adding it to a menu or toolbar.
  • In Reaper, you can resize the user interface, show/hide tabs, add/remove bands and if you want to keep those settings, just save it as the default preset.
  • There are some user made scripts available for ReaEQ, that may help you in certain cases. Search “ReaEQ” in ReaPack and install the ones you need. You can learn how to use ReaPack HERE.
  • There is a Reaper exclusive plugin (jsfx) called ReEQ, which is a more feature-packed EQ than ReaEQ. You can learn more about it HERE.

Using the VST version have some drawbacks compared to the built-in version, like not being able to resize the window and missing some mouse modifiers like creating bands with double clicking somewhere in the spectrum.

ReaEQ might not be your first pick if you use a DAW other than Reaper, but it can be a very lightweight and quick solution.

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