Sanford Reverb Leslie Sanford

Sanford Reverb by Leslie Sanford

The Sanford Reverb is a true stereo reverb. It is capable of simulating everything from small rooms to giant cavernous spaces. Its sound is dense, clean, and crisp making it perfect for most situations.

Left and right input channels each have a set of 3 early reflections that can be independently set. The filter section lets you shape the tone of the reverb’s output, and damping is provided to simulate wall absorption. Together these features let you shape the reverb sound to simulate almost any room.

Modulation is also provided to add motion to the reverb tail. The result is a more animated and lively reverb.


  • Control 6 early reflections, 3 for each channel
  • Filter section for shaping the tone
  • Damping for simulating wall absorption
  • Tail Modulation
  • Freeze Mode
  • Low CPU usage

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